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Team of Contributors


Mary Martin

Mary Martin, Naturopath

"Proactively preparing for conception, you have the power to give your kid’s, kid’s, kid’s, kids their best start to life, a gift that will last for 4 generations…how amazing is that?"

My name is Mary Martin. I am a Naturopathic Doctor specialising in Women’s Health. Through my years of practice I have helped many people successfully conceive, and carry pregnancies to a positive birth.
For me, preconception care is the key to ...

successful pregnancy and healthy, strong children.
When you commit to improving your health to achieve healthy pregnancy, you are giving yourself the best chance, your child the best possible life and all your descendents the best possible genetic inheritance.
Along my journey I have come to know that; To get the best out of yourself, you need to take the best of what is available to you, and make it your own.

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Vanessa Lamaro

Vanessa Lamaro, Naturopath

"Infertility is your body’s way of telling you something is out of balance in your body, your environment or your life. It is our job and our absolute passion to help you work out what that something is, to assist you to change it and to guide you towards a healthy, full-term pregnancy."

Hello! I am Vanessa Lamaro, a Naturopath passionate about helping people achieve freedom from their health complaints. It is my personal goal with each and every patient, to assist and empower...

them to attain optimal vitality, health and happiness.
In my clinic I treat a wide variety of complaints but my specialty is in assisting men and women of all ages with hormonal and reproductive issues. This specialty and passion is also of course what led Mary and I to create The Baby Builders!
I have personally used Naturopathic medicine to overcome my own fertility issues. Doctors had told me that I could never get pregnant naturally with my diagnosis of PCOS and at most 4 periods a year… but my ten-year-old daughter and six-year-old son are testament to the power of these strategies.
I firmly believe that with the right support and advice, as well as a positive attitude and a willingness to work towards your goals, you can overcome your own fertility challenges and have the vitality, health, happiness and children you truly desire.

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Grace Jones

Dr. Grace Jones, Acupuncturist

Dr. Grace Jones (TCM) is the founding acupuncturist at Acupuncture with Grace in Maroochydore and Buddina on the Sunshine Coast, and has always been fascinated about the ways in which the body is able to heal itself, if given the right tools.

Eventually this path lead her to studying her Bachelor degree in Acupuncture, in which she graduated with honours. After founding and practising in her own clinic for a few years in the...

hustle-and-bustle of Richmond, Melbourne, she decided to “walk her talk” a little more and move to the Sunshine Coast with her family to continue her practice in a more relaxed location.
Grace is incredibly passionate about helping people of all walks of life improve their health and wellbeing through the practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and throughout her practice has developed a special interest in treating helping women with infertility and hormonal imbalances. To her, there is nothing more rewarding than helping and nurturing families along their fertility journey, and then throughout pregnancy to the birth of their precious little one.Grace enjoys working alongside her patients to help them achieve their health goals and loves assisting her patients on their journey to understanding their bodies, hormones and emotions at a deeper level.Grace is a current member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA), and is available for appointments on the Sunshine Coast.

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Dr Jessica Sangiuliano

Dr Jessica Sangiuliano, Naturopathic Doctor

"Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do. It is my passion to assist you and your partner on this journey... to identify external and internal imbalances, correct underlying deficiencies through nutrition, herbs and supplementation, and ultimately create an environmental optimal for a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth. It is incredible to see how couples transform emotionally ...

and physically along this journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and parent-hood. It all starts with trust, and giving your body the tools it needs to heal."

Dr. Jessica Sangiuliano is a Naturopathic Doctor and Birth Doula based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Dr. Jessica specializes in Women’s Health, Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, and Pediatrics, and has successfully counseled individuals and couples with fertility concerns on how to dramatically improve conception rates with naturopathic therapies alone or in conjunction with conventional medical treatment. Dr. Jessica’s compassionate approach, attention to detail, as well as combining standard medical diagnostics with a holistic approach to treatment, has her one of the most sought out Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario. Taking your health into her hands, Dr. Jessica creates a safe healing space as she guides you along this journey to a successful pregnancy and ultimately, a baby in your arms.

Dr. Jessica teaches a Naturopathic Doula Course in Ontario, fundraises for numerous children’s charities, and speaks regularly on Fertility Topics such as PCOS, Fibroids, Sperm Count and Mobility, Hormones, Endometriosis and Ovarian Cysts. She has also published articles for various natural health journals across North America.

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Dr Ryan Shelton

Dr Ryan Shelton, Naturopathic Doctor

"The surges of great hope and anticipation are countered by pitfalls of mourning and absence. You consider that giving up would potentially result in more immediate happiness than persisting. Because hope and courage are renewable human instincts, you tell yourself just a bit more struggling and your dream will come true. Then, one day, persistence suddenly blossoms into a miracle and your life changes forever."
Dr. W. Ryan Shelton is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with extensive...

experience in fertility and family planning. Dr. Shelton obtained his Bachelors and Masters at the University of Kansas and his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle Washington. After his educational career Dr. Shelton opened a successful clinic is the Kansas City area specializing in natural medicine, family planning, pediatrics and fertility. In 2009 Dr. Shelton moved to San Diego California to continue to practice but through the field of Tele-Medicine, where he successfully started multiple online medical consulting companies.

While in San Diego Dr. Shelton met his future wife, Andrea. Andrea had been married before and tried, unsuccessfully, for three years to conceive a child. Entering into the relationship, she was convinced she was unable to conceive. Dr. Shelton and Andrea became pregnant within two years of being together, through a healthier gluten free diet, a less stressful life and work environment, acupuncture and a few other natural remedies. Together they set their minds and hearts in the right direction and are expecting their first baby together in March of 2014.

Dr. Shelton is thrilled to bring his knowledge and experience to The Baby Builders Team and looks forward to helping you and your partner experience the miracle of conception as well.

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Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly, Physiotherapist

"You must take into account the whole body when considering the cause of infertility. For example, the uterus is nestled between the bladder and the colon. Many women have gut issues, so if the colon is irritated, that signals through the uterus."

Louise Kelly is a qualified Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience She incorporates a wide variety of treatment techniques and approaches. Her treatment modalities include, craniosacral, breathwork and organ rebalancing.

Her treatment approach works with the natural inherent wisdom of the body. This enables the body to recover from situations that have caused the body to operating from default to dysfunctional patterns. Louise has a special interest in female reproductive health and infertility.

She has successfully treated her many patients with fertility challenges as well as having her own personal experience.

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Karen Coates

Karen Coates, Medical Doctor

"Changing modern diets that are low in nutrient value, eliminating environmental toxins, along with correcting nutrient deficiencies vital for reproductive health and stress management, we are seeing excellent results treating infertility."

Dr Karen Coates has been a practicing Women’s Health doctor for over 25 years, with degrees in Medicine, Surgery, and post graduate qualifications in Obstetrics, and Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Her unique style of medicine seamlessly...

integrates natural therapies and alternative health practices with conventional pathways to health.

Karen continually updates her knowledge base as scientific research becomes available. Now based on the Gold Coast in Australia, she has authored, "Embracing the Warrior – An Essential Guide for Women", and has written for the the Sydney Morning Herald and Marie Claire.
Karen is a member of the board of the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, and is an advocate for self-responsibility in health. Her clinical work within the Xtra Health Wellness Clinics allows her to continue to enhance the well being of her patients with individual health plans integrating the best of mainstream and complementary medicine.

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Dr Adam Sandford

Dr Adam Sandford, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Adam Sandford is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in Manhattan Beach, California. As a primary care physician, his practice also has a special emphasis on sexual and reproductive support, men’s health, bioidentical and thyroid hormone replacement, as well as advanced treatments for Parkinson’s Disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

Dr Sandford was led to Naturopathic ...

Medicine following a personal experience of declining health, significant high blood pressure and reproductive difficulties that were associated with the lifestyle and stresses that came with a decade long career as a program manager in software development at Microsoft. In working with a naturopathic medical doctor, over time he experienced complete recovery of his concerns and an improvement in general health and fitness that he had never previously known.

Seeing the tremendous impact that focused lifestyle changes and specific supplementation can have in one person’s life led him to transition from technology to pursuing a bachelors in Human Nutrition from Bastyr University and his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from NCNM, the oldest nationally accredited Naturopathic medical university in North America.

His approach towards medicine is that all medical tools are valid and have their place, be it diet or drugs, exercise or surgery – the Art of medicine for the naturopathic medical doctor is working with the patient to help select the approach that is most right for them, for who they are today and who they want to be tomorrow.

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Kimberly Kushner

Kimberly Kushner, Naturopath

"The human body is incredible. It houses an innate intelligence which if supported correctly, is more than able to create, sustain and grow, and ultimately, birth new life. All things internal and external to our bodies have the potential to either support or disrupt the fine balance which is required for successful conception, a healthy pregnancy and birth."

Kimberly Kushner is a sought after naturopath

and nutritionist based in Melbourne, Australia. She has a keen interest in female reproductive issues, digestive health, detoxification and immunity. Kimberly has experienced a myriad of health obstacles on her own journey, including endometriosis which she has been dealing with for many years. Because of this, she truly understands the impact that female health issues can have on day-to-day life, both physically and mentally. She is also very aware of how these particular issues can be a platform and influence other health conditions, and infertility.

Kimberly formulates individualised treatment protocols based on your specific health goals. She emphasises the importance of food as medicine, therefore dietary therapy is a large part of her treatments. In conjunction with diet, Kimberly utilises herbal and nutritional medicines to rectify deficiencies, balance hormones, optimise reproductive function, aid with stress, increase energy, improve digestion and more. There is an aspect of holistic counseling in consultations, because Kimberly’s philosophy on health revolves around the fact that underlying a majority of physical ailments, are emotional imbalances. She is also able to create personalised flower essence remedies to fit your current emotional state to aim to bring this aspect of health into balance.

Kimberly is a passionate and compassionate health practitioner who is keen to educate and empower you to reach your health goals. She will provide you with realistic and doable advice, and will support you along the way. She will continue to monitor how you are coping with the treatment and will modify aspects if necessary.

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Drew Glendinning

Drew Glendinning, Chiropractor

"Having a structurally sound spine and fully functioning nervous system in an essential component for all potential parents, both men and women, for the best fertility outcome."

My name is Drew Glendinning and I am a chiropractor. I specialise in a technique called “upper cervical specific” that focused on the top two bones of the neck. These bones, the atlas and axis, are the most freely moveable as well as ...

unstable vertebrae in the spine. Because our head sits in delicate balance atop this critical area, any misalignment will unbalance not only the head and spine but eventually the whole body. Correction of the upper neck therefore produces structural and neurological changes throughout the entire spine and body

This correction is quick and gentle involving no forceful twisting, popping or cracking and is appropriate for all ages. In fact most of us are living with an upper cervical misalignment and never even realize it. Symptoms in many cases take years to develop, if at all, and may show up anywhere in the body.

When I was first exposed to this I had no idea chiropractic could help with some of the conditions patients presented with. The results even the most difficult cases were miraculous. Over the years I have never ceased to be amazed by the effectiveness of this approach with my patients and myself. Since every part of the body is controlled by the nervous system, there isn't a health condition that may not be positively affected by upper cervical chiropractic care.


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Joanne Wilson

Joanne Wilson

"A strong and supportive emotional bond with your partner is not only beautifully reassuring, but a life giving source of strength as you journey to approach parenthood. Being attuned and responsive to each other throughout this process allows each partner to safely acquire essential coping skills based on a solid foundation of love and safe connection."

Joanne Wilson is a professional Counselor and Psychotherapist based on the Sunshine Coast...

As a Relationship Specialist, she is passionate about couples enjoying nothing less than thriving and harmonious relationships that grow stronger despite adversity.
"It is never too late to create new neural pathways to nurturing thought patterns that are healing, fulfilling and ultimately serve as bridges to your goals."With caring, compassion and patience she has been acknowledged as a respected Counsellor on the Sunshine Coast with a balanced career along-side family and community contributions.Most of all, she is passionate about launching people to success in their personal and work lives, maintaining a focus on their holistic well being through challenges and maintaining a positive mindset through ill health.

It is Joanne’s mission for people to achieve a life full of zest! Those who have zest exude excitement, overcoming challenging situations, approaching tasks wholeheartedly whilst being adventurous, vivacious and energetic!

Joanne Wilson has produced her own books, Pearls of Wisdom from the Thriving Thirties, and the Relationship Rejuvenator – How to enjoy a Thriving and Harmonious Marriage. She continues to facilitate a series of relationship seminars on the Sunshine Coast.

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Meah Robertson

Meah Robertson, Naturopath

"I'm passionate about helping people at all ages & stages create a life you truly want with health & happiness. When on the fertility journey and experiencing issues excellent support can make a world of difference. I believe it’s really important to investigate the causes that are underlying fertility issues both physically and emotionally. I find it so rewarding to see couples & individuals learn, develop, and transform out of their current phase and into being wonderful parents."

Meah Robertson is an experienced Naturopathic Physician and has been specialising in women’s health & fertility in clinical practice since 2006.She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Meah has previously worked at one of Australia’s busiest & highly regarded fertility clinics based on the Gold Coast. Trained and employed there for 5 years, she specialised in fertility utilising herbal medicine and helping countless couples on their fertility journey. Along with the Baby Builders, Meah works in the field of integrative medicine in clinic alongside integrative doctors, combining knowledge and resources giving excellent outcomes. Meah’s history in Natural Health started at an early age as her mother is a Nutritionist and her father is a holistic Chiropractor. Helping people is very much an ingrained family tradition. Born & raised in the tropical town of Cairns, North Queensland Meah moved to the Gold Coast in 2002. Meah’s interest in fertility & reproductive health was sparked when she started a family and went through her own reproductive issues associated with miscarriage. After overcoming this she now combines her passion for Naturopathy with family life, being a mother of 2 beautiful girls.

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Amy Morris

Amy Morris, Naturopathic Nutritionist

"Never underestimate what the power of eating and living in the way that nature intended us to, can do to improve your health and fertility. If we had not swayed decades ago, and had simply refused to let toxic chemicals ever be sprayed onto food crops, that then make their way into water supplies that we drink from, and didn't further exacerbate the issue by taking in even more chemicals from personal care products - then I strongly believe we would not have so many people struggling to conceive today."

Amy Morris has been a qualified natural nutritionist since 2010, and now combines her health consulting work alongside being a specialist natural health writer / content creator and a new mum.What sparked Amy’s interest in helping couples fall pregnant the natural way was due to having endometriosis herself, and being told she only had a 50% chance of falling pregnant naturally. Although there were many challenges with this painful condition, Amy threw every shred of knowledge she had acquired on her natural nutritionists course and came out on top! As she was able to ditch all the medication she was given one year into treating her condition the natural nutrition way, and went onto conceive easily, giving birth to a healthy baby boy in 2014.

This is why Amy’s approach to addressing your natural fertility needs will take into account not just the physical needs your body has (i.e. correcting deficiencies, treating environmental toxic overload, balancing hormones, pH and hydration levels, and creating a balanced and happy microbiome), but also your needs on a mental level too. As she knows full well from personal experience just how much the mind affects the health of the body, and vice versa, and how stress will shut the body down on a cellular level if present, and not prioritize fertility until it is resolved.

Together, Amy helps her clients to formulate a realistic diet and lifestyle fertility plan that addresses all types of stress that will help both partners go on to maximize their chances of having a healthy child. By actioning this plan and throwing yourself into it wholeheartedly, you will also go on to give your baby the healthiest start in life and will have helped to lay the right health foundations for him or her to be able to enjoy great health long into adulthood.

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Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards, Naturopath

Michelle is an Adelaide based Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritional Medicine practitioner, specializing in women's reproductive health and fertility since 1997.

She has had a life long interest in health and healing - first with animals, eventually moving to humans! Her grandmother was a 'green thumb' with a keen interest in plants and herbs and their healing potential, and her Aunt was a Naturopath for many years.

Michelle has a strong interest in women's health and fertility that started when she was in the college student clinic,

treating a patient who had been trying to conceive for 11 years. She had been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids! After a few months on herbs and nutrients, she conceived naturally and later gave birth to a healthy little girl. From that moment on, she was hooked!

Nearly 17 years later, She is still passionate about all things health and fertility. Her particular passions are preconception nutrition (epigenetics), helping couples achieve optimal health prior to conception, male factor infertility (low sperm count, motility & morphology issues), thyroid health, PCOS, and genetic influences on fertility, especially MTHFR and pyrrole disorder.

No stranger to reproductive problems, after the premature birth of her eldest child, Michelle developed a severe infection that resulted in her going into premature menopause. Despite undergoing extensive fertility treatments, Michelle & her husband were unable to conceive. They decided to adopt and now have 3 wonderful children.

She has qualifications in Naturopathy (BHSc), Homoeopathy (Adv Dip), Herbal Medicine (Adv Dip), Nutritional Medicine (Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics) and is currently completing double Masters - Women's Health; Reproductive Endocrinology.


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Stacy Elmes

Stacy Elmes, Yoga Instructor

"The simple and yet effective techniques taught in Yoga Therapy, have a profound and direct effect on the balance of the hormones and nervous system. This in turn, creates the most optimal internal environment for pregnancy to occur."

Stacey Elmes combines the understanding and compassion of a highly trained communicator with her extensive experience in personal training and yoga. Having experienced her own health

challenges she can honestly testify to the healing powers of Yoga Therapy, finding emotional balance, and diet and lifestyle changes.

With the experience of working with hundreds of people one on one, as well as her formal studies in communication, Stacey finds it easy to talk to and relate with people from all walks of life.

Stacey’s quest for excellence has seen her profile grow rapidly. She has featured in the national yoga magazine "Yoga Journal" several times, toured Australia nationally, released 2 yoga DVDs and recently featured on Network TEN.

Through her business Yoga Palette, Stacey believes that yoga can be made accessible to "everybody"- regardless of age, size, experience level, physical limitations- by teaching them the tools and techniques they need to live a peaceful loving life.

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Roco Cartier

Roco Cartier, Whole Foods Chef

"Food is life, nourish your body with great food, reap the benefits of great health and healthily create new life."

My name is Rocco Cartia. I was born in Monopoli, in the south-east of Italy. I have worked in, and studied the restaurant business since I was in my teens. I worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants throughout Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, including Gordon Ramsay’s 3 Michelin star restaurant.

I then spent several years working aboard cruise liners, such as the Grand Princess, traveling around the Caribbean Islands, Mexico and the coasts of Brazil and Africa.

In Australia, I worked for several years in Sydney, in several well-known restaurants, as well as catering private functions, and giving private Mediterranean Speciality cooking lessons. I worked with Australian television’s Master Chef too.

These days I have settled down on the Sunshine Coast, where I organize private dinners, consult for restaurants, and sometimes I chef at the Crown Plaza Pelican Waters, or a select group of local Italian restaurants. Where ever I am, my passion is beautiful food, and by that I mean, food that looks fantastic, tastes even better, and is good for you!


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Clint Bauer

Clint - Primal Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

"Knowing that inflammation and stress in the body can be very detrimental to achieving natural fertility, I provide low-inflammation and fun fitness coaching to compliment men and women on their journey to better health. By incorporating a combination of natural movements and play activities, I can help people achieve increased strength, fitness, agility, mobility and basically everything typical exercise achieves, minus the stress on the body, plus a whole lot of fun as well!"

Having been overweight for most of his life from his childhood into his twenty's, Clint's since found health and happiness with a Paleo lifestyle and is passionate about sharing his story and knowledge in the hope of helping others improve their own health and well-being. He's now a Health and Fitness Coach and MovNat instructor on the Sunshine Coast and works with clients using paleo principles to help them THRIVE, as opposed to just SURVIVING, for the long-term. He also enjoys educating people through workshops and events including hosting the Sunshine Coast Paleo/Primal/Real Food Meetup Group and organising regular meetups. One of his main motto's is "good health should be affordable and accessible to everyone" so his goal is to provide a variety of different events and resources to help as many people as possible.

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Aimee Clark

Aimee - Primal Food Expert

"Being able to provide a variety of paleo-friendly, healthy, easy and delicious meal options for couples trying to achieve natural fertility is important to me because I know how hard it is to eat cleanly for optimal health. Holding workshops and cooking demonstrations is a great way to help people improve their nutrition in order to reach their goals of conceiving naturally."

Through Aimee's experience with chronic health challenges and her passion for health and fitness, her journey has lead her to now living a Paleo lifestyle and achieving

improved health and well being. Now she enjoys educating others on some of the main aspects that have helped her, with the hope of helping others on their own journey to better health. Aimee regularly hosts Paleo cooking demo's and workshops, educating people on a variety of foods and their health benefits, including gelatin, bone broth, and offal. She co-hosts the Sunshine Coast Paleo/Primal/Real Food Meetup Group with partner Clint and is very passionate and excited about helping connect consumers to good quality food and natural health sources.

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Alison Robinson

Alison Robinson, Personal Trainer & Kinesiologist

"Personal Training positively supports and increases the body’s muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular systems. This in turn, strengthens and balances the hormonal and reproductive system to support the body from preconception all the way through to motherhood."

As a qualified Personal Trainer Alison Robinson’s goal is to help you find great health, and discover your best life. Having personally dealt with poor health as a child and teen, Alison understands the challenges

we all face in achieving our fitness and health goals. This experience extends to pregnancy and she has been all through the ups and downs, ins and outs of pregnancies.

As a trainer Alison has come to believe that everybody has the potential to heal themselves, or in the very least play a vital role in regaining control of their health.

When a person trains their body to be strong and encourages the blood flow throughout the entirety of their system, slowly, a strange transformation begins to take place. When you are huffing, puffing, sweating, grunting, and groaning with effort, you are forced to be in the moment. All pretence is stripped away and it is real.

Alison sees her purpose as to build strong bodies, the vessels that will carry you through many adventures of happiness and sadness with strength and determination. As such, Alison see structural integrity as of the utmost importance, along with a healthy diet and a healthy mind.


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Kirsten Chick

Kirsten Chick, Naturopathic Nutritionist

"Fertility and pre-conceptual care isn't just about making healthy sperm and eggs. It's also about creating a clean, nourishing, stress-free environment for your baby to grow in, so he or she will have the very best start in life. And the changes you make now will impact your grandchildren too."

Kirsten Chick has been practicing nutrition for over a decade, and in that time has provided countless mums and dads-to-be with naturopathic support for their fertility, pre-conceptual care, pregnancy and beyond.

She offers an approach that is accessible and easy to follow, together with practical support in the form of delicious recipes and achievable lifestyle advice.

Known for her expertise in this field, Kirsten has written an educational course for practitioners who wish to specialize in fertility, and has also provided workshops aimed at women with menstrual and fertility issues. Her well-rounded approach seeks to balance hormones, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and counter the physical and mental impacts of stress and toxicity - so that you can relax and enjoy being healthier, more nourished and more fertile.

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Mandy Napier

Mandy Napier, Mindset Coach

"The power of the mind over the body is well documented. Clearing deep internal blocks and limiting beliefs is a key component to minimise any unconscious or conscious self sabotaging patterns to a successful conception and healthy pregnancy."

Hi. My name is Mandy Napier BSc and I am the founder of Mindset for Success. I based my business on the assumption that you can do, be and have the life you truly desire.

MY PURPOSE is to inspire and empower ordinary people to become “extra” ordinary individuals; To be the spark to ignite your light, your inner brilliance.I have used my own life’s challenges, physical and emotional, to inspire myself to always look for opportunity to make myself what I want to be; and so can you!

Using my skills in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Alignment, Huna philosophy, Neuro Science and the technology of success and achievement, I can help you become everything you have ever wanted to be.

Believe that you can change, know that it is possible. You can create, be, do and have what you want. You just have to start to trust and look inside, and perhaps find someone to help you. Let me be the spark to ignite your light so you can you truly live life by your design.

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"The Top Ten Reasons
You Are Not Pregnant"

Discover the most common causes of infertility and what you can do to turn them around


The Baby Builders Triple Intention

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Our eBooks, products and programs are of the highest international standard. 

The Baby Builders steps for success have been developed by our team of fertility professionals who have had hundreds of hours of contact time, over many years, treating and successfully overcoming male and female infertility.

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Why do so many of our couples get the results they are looking for after 4 months? 

Science tells us this is how long it takes to produce healthy eggs and sperm. By taking action and following our proven steps, you will see and feel a dramatic shift in your health, preparing you and your partner for a healthy, full term pregnancy.

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Have a question? We have the answer. Need one-on-one advice? We have our Naturopathic team of fertility experts ready to help.

People who get on board with The Baby Builders quickly regain their fertility mojo. Our world-class Support Team is here to help you in every way that we possibly can.

We stand behind the products and services we create.

If you are not happy with either please contact us directly within 14 days of purchase on [email protected] so we can make things right.

At the end of the day we take it personally. All of it. We pride ourselves on being professional, accurate, personable and effective.

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