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Friends of FreMo

We choose to contribute to this amazing foundation. Check out the remarkable work FreMo do for women and families in this small province of Kenya.

This is truly inspiring, grass-roots benevolence.

FreMo Birth Centre serves the women of the Kawangware slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. It provides a safe haven for those living in poverty, providing access to compassionate, safe, and community minded maternity care. This care has increased the normal birthrate to almost 100% while reducing complications to near zero.

Fremo Manifesto

We envisage a world where each woman
is nurtured, heard, and valued and has
the information, resources, confidence,
and support she requires to achieve the best possible pregnancy, birth,
and mothering experience.
In such a world, her baby would be born
with a fair and equal chance at life and love.

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This work is made possible by the dedicated local staff in Kenya and the support of  Friends of FreMo around the world (particularly from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland). Support comes in the way of education, camaraderie, and financial assistance.

Head midwife Magdalene came to FreMo as a volunteer, impressed by the standards and ideals in practice there. She has since left her paid employment to dedicate her life to FreMo. She sees her life work in enabling these impoverished women to not only give birth safely but to enrich and empower their lives so that they and their children may dream of and build a better future.

Learn more at and

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"The Top Ten Reasons
You Are Not Pregnant"

Discover the most common causes of infertility and what you can do to turn them around


The Baby Builders Triple Intention

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Our eBooks, products and programs are of the highest international standard. 

The Baby Builders steps for success have been developed by our team of fertility professionals who have had hundreds of hours of contact time, over many years, treating and successfully overcoming male and female infertility.

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Why do so many of our couples get the results they are looking for after 4 months? 

Science tells us this is how long it takes to produce healthy eggs and sperm. By taking action and following our proven steps, you will see and feel a dramatic shift in your health, preparing you and your partner for a healthy, full term pregnancy.

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Have a question? We have the answer. Need one-on-one advice? We have our Naturopathic team of fertility experts ready to help.

People who get on board with The Baby Builders quickly regain their fertility mojo. Our world-class Support Team is here to help you in every way that we possibly can.

We stand behind the products and services we create.

If you are not happy with either please contact us directly within 14 days of purchase on [email protected] so we can make things right.

At the end of the day we take it personally. All of it. We pride ourselves on being professional, accurate, personable and effective.

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