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The Baby Builders
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4 years..then along came Ella

With a husband with ‘suboptimal sperm count’ and my ongoing saga with Endometriosis, the chances of us conceiving naturally after 4 years of trying was looking pretty slim if not impossible.

I really did not want to go down the medical intervention path, so we decided to invest in getting our bodies healthy and fertile with your Baby Builders program. I have to say, you beautiful women changed our lives. Not only do we have our gorgeous little Ella (who just turned one!), my Endo symptoms have almost disappeared, and both of us feel so much healthier than...

Jodi and Chas, Surrey, U.K.
My period returned and the month later I was pregnant ...

Kristie, Johnny and UtahWhen I first met Mary I knew she was a grace from above. I'd just been diagnosed with follicular non hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 28. I had been living a fast paced, overfed, undernourished life. I met Mary at her clinic and went through which seemed a movie of my busy plans of things I 'had' to do before I dealt with the Cancer. I can still hear Mary's sentence ring in my ear "You don't have to do anything...

Kristie, Johnny and Utah
Thanks Guys, you helped me go from DUD to STUD in just over 3 months!

ErickI would never have thought I would admit it, but I really wanted to convey my gratitude to these girls.
What a ride. My wife and I had been trying for a baby for one and a half years. We thought it wasn't working because she had fibroids. A friend of ours said to have a sperm test done just in case and boy was I shocked. I didn't have many swimmers and the ones I had seem to be going to all the wrong directions.

My wife found these g...

Erick Nolan, Dayton, Ohio
Dearest Vanessa and Mary, You are wonderful! We are pregnant!!!

This is the most amazing gift we could ever imagine, we are 13 weeks pregnant and everything is perfect! After having my 3rd laparoscopy and being told that with the amount of scarring and damage the Endometriosis had caused that we should consider the possibility of never having a family, we came across you wonderful ladies, and you changed our lives. Not only did you assist me to improve my health, lose weight and dramatically improve my period pain, you assisted us to create a new life, which is growing inside me as I write this. Thank you so very much for everyt...

Mandy, Mooloolah, Australia
From Surviving to Thriving... and a Baby!

NikkiHello there Wonder Women! I just thought I’d put into writing my appreciation for sharing your amazing wisdom with me.

I fell pregnant quite easily with our first born son, but at 37 when trying for a second child it was quite different and challenging from the first time, but I couldn't figure out why.

Geez, it seems like only yesterday but it was almost 3 years ago that we first met. Back then I was a shattered Real Estate Agent...

Nikki, Warren, Kacee & Billy Long, Brisbane, Australia
My beautiful wife had 2 miscarriages before I got the nerve to get myself tested.

DaveIt was the 2 hardest years of our marriage, we had to say goodbye to two babies and I had to face the fact that it was my fault. It turned out that because of my lifetime fondness of junk food and beer I had so many low nutrients that my sperm was really sick. My zinc was so low that my sperm were damaged and swimming in circles and other ones that are a bit of a blur now.

I followed the Baby Builders steps and took all the stuff they said I...

Dave Hodgekinson, Kitchener Ontario, Canada
A big warm thank you to Vanessa and Mary!

I have to say thank you to the girls at The Baby Builders for their amazing support and guidance that transformed me from a sedentary, unhealthy, overweight smoker into a fit and healthy Daddy of 2 beautiful girls!

After some heartbreaking issues with miscarriage, both my wife and I decided to seek the advice of health professionals and get our bodies fit and healthy before trying to conceive again.

We could not believe how easy it was to have both of our daughters after working with Vanessa and Mary and implementing the strategies they designed for us...

Andrew Robertson, Melbourne, Australia
Dear Vanessa and Mary, I just wanted to thank you and all the team from The Baby Builders.

RosWith a history of miscarriage and being an older, not so healthy mum, I was concerned with conceiving a healthy baby in a timely manner.

My husband and I sought help from Vanessa and Mary to get back on a healthy eating regime and for Andrew to give up smoking.

These wonderful ladies helped us with diet and lifestyle advice and commenced us on naturopathic herbs and supplements to maximise our ability to conceive.

Remarkably we l...

Ros Robertson, Melbourne, Australia
I went from ZERO to HERO in just 4 months.

I can joke about this now, but for 3 years my “zero” almost broke up my marriage. I had seen my doctor and was taking some medication to try and improve my sperm but it didn't do the job. I have never been one to go in for natural medicine and grew up learning that doctor knows best, but we were so stressed and desperate that I agreed to try.

We found the Baby Builders online on some chat area that my wife saw and it had good reviews. I did a big detoxification (boy did I need it) took the male sperm stuff and pretty much did the things they said that I k...

Mike Bailey, Sydney, Australia
To the wonderful girls at The Baby Builders

WendyTo the wonderful girls at the Baby Builders, I just wanted to say a big thank you for providing me fantastic advice that helped me through my recent pregnancy.

My ongoing health issues of having arthritis in my hips concerned me being an older mum, the ongoing support I was given allowed me to be in the best possible health before my pregnancy.

Your combination of advice on diet and supplements helped me to achieve new heights of wel...

Wendy Miller, Albury-Wodonga, Australia
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"The Top Ten Reasons
You Are Not Pregnant"

Discover the most common causes of infertility and what you can do to turn them around


The Baby Builders Triple Intention

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Our eBooks, products and programs are of the highest international standard. 

The Baby Builders steps for success have been developed by our team of fertility professionals who have had hundreds of hours of contact time, over many years, treating and successfully overcoming male and female infertility.

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Why do so many of our couples get the results they are looking for after 4 months? 

Science tells us this is how long it takes to produce healthy eggs and sperm. By taking action and following our proven steps, you will see and feel a dramatic shift in your health, preparing you and your partner for a healthy, full term pregnancy.

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Have a question? We have the answer. Need one-on-one advice? We have our Naturopathic team of fertility experts ready to help.

People who get on board with The Baby Builders quickly regain their fertility mojo. Our world-class Support Team is here to help you in every way that we possibly can.

We stand behind the products and services we create.

If you are not happy with either please contact us directly within 14 days of purchase on [email protected] so we can make things right.

At the end of the day we take it personally. All of it. We pride ourselves on being professional, accurate, personable and effective.

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